Mission Style Clock

Some of you know that I enjoy woodworking in my spare time. I find it’s a good way get my mind off work for a few hours. It gets me away from e-mail/web pages/phone/IM etc. for a while.

Mission Style ClockOne of my most recent projects was this mission style clock. The clock is about 2 feet tall and 14 inches wide. It can either mount on a wall or be used freestanding, as seen here.

This particular clock is special because it was donated to a benefit auction for a friend who was seriously injured in a car accident last winter. Pam – I miss your contagious smile and laughter!


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  1. Anne Adrian on

    It is absolutely beautiful. You have a very neat hobby and one in which you have much talent.

  2. Jason Young on

    Very impressive looking woodwork. I’m more than a bit awed.

  3. Billy on

    Very nice clock! Where did you obtain the dial? i’ve been looking for something like this to make. Thanks.
    William Kaelber

  4. Brian Webster on


    Thanks for the comment! The plans and component kit came from Klockit (http://www.klockit.com/products/dept-34__sku-EEEEC.html). They also sell the parchment paper dial separately (Style F on http://www.klockit.com/products/sku-CCCVV.html)

    The plans are very good. Only major change I made was to change the shape of the top and bottom. I didn’t have a good way to make the curve, so I simply cut a chamfer on the top using the table saw. This was a lot cheaper than buying a special router bit, and I think it fits well with the mission style.

    With Klockit, I’ve build three of these mission style clocks, and everything has been good. However, I’ve had a lot of trouble with broken glass on their Dearborn style clock. (3 of 5 glass had broken glass when I was ready to assemble them.) I’m looking for another source for the decorative glass used in that model of clock.


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