Becky’s Blog

Recently, Anne Adrian wrote a blog entry “Importance and Influence of Conversations“. She writes about a dinner with Kevin Gamble, and others, where they talked about blogging. This conversation, either directly or indirectly, had an effect on starting or reviving at least six blogs, including this one.

We can add another blog to that list. Becky Nibe has started a blog at in part due to conversations that she had with people at ACE/NETC. Categories in Becky’s blog include Blue Ribbon, Filemaker, Web Thoughts, and Potluck.

For the next two weeks, Becky will be at the Iowa State Fair. We may see very little activity from her during this time, or we may see a lot. Depends on how the fair goes this year, could be interesting:-)

I think this blog is a good addition to blogs written by Extension staff!

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