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Wednesday evening I attended the Iowa .NET Users Group meeting. During the announcements, David Body talked about a new user group for for Ruby and Rails.

The first meeting will be 6:00pm – 7:30pm, Thursday, September 20, 2007, at DMACC West, located at 5959 Grand Avenue in West Des Moines.

The topic for the first meeting will likely be getting started with Ruby, including where to download it and how to install. They will also talk about when to hold future meetings. They were hoping to continue with third Thursday of every month, however Des Moines has an agile programming group that meets then.

Although I have never used Ruby, I will probably attend this meeting. I’ve heard a lot about Ruby on Rails, so would like to learn more.

The web site for the Iowa Ruby Brigade is


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  1. James E. Robinson, III on

    I feel compelled to let you know that while we have not abandoned rails for eXtension development, we are exploring other options. The next service/web site announced will be PHP, specifically CakePHP. Furthermore, one small app that is rails will likely be rewritten in CakePHP in the near future. Just “likely” at this point…haven’t begun yet.

    Scaling rails has been painful.

  2. bwebster on

    James, Thanks for the comment. eXtension is one of the main reasons I was thinking I should learn more about Ruby on Rails. I am still interested in it, but it may drop down a few notches on my priority list. Brian

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