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My parents live on a farm in Northeast Iowa. Because of where they live, their choices for Internet service providers is very limited. They use a dial up service provider.

I’ve been to their place the last three weekends. When accessing the Internet, I they connect at a whopping 26.4 kbs. Boy, was that slow.

This got me thinking of something I used to say a few years ago, and I think it’s as relevant today as it was then, although I’ve changed the wording a little.

“Web designers, developers, and content providers should always test their work using a dialup connection.”

It’s not possible to provide all content at a reasonable speed over dialup, and that’s OK. However, I’ve seen many cases where the download time could be approved simply by resizing a photo. Testing over a dialup connection would help solve this issue.

I’ve looked for, but haven’t yet found an Add-on that would cause Firefox (or IE) behave like they are on dialup connections. Any suggestions of how to do this?


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  1. Jonathan Davis on

    Brian, I haven’t found a browser add-on, but here are three tools that may be useful:,ov4cooltools/parse.html

    I only just found them, so no guarantees.

  2. bwebster on


    Thanks for the comment. I use pretty extensively. This site is the tool used by the Web Developer Add-In of Firefox to “View Speed Report”. Great Add-In for Firefox.

    I will check into the other two links some more.


  3. Raizor on

    I found this, which sounds like it would do the job of limiting speeds for testing load times:

    Great blog by the way. Loads of really useful posts!

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