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Last week, I was talking with Lynette about a problem she was having with a web page. During the conversation, she said she usually uses Firefox, however there are a few pages in which she needs to use IE. I told her about a Firefox Add-on I use called “IE View Lite“.

When you have IE View Lite installed, it adds an option in the right-click menu for “View This Page in IE”. This makes it very easy to switch to IE when you run across a page that doesn’t work in Firefox. Simply right click on the page, and select this new option in the dropdown menu. If this is a page you need to use a lot, you can configure IE View Lite to always use IE  for that page.

While useful for normal users of the web, I consider this tool a must have for web developers/designers. It allows you to use Firefox for your development, then easily switch to IE to find out what IE breaks.


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  1. Lynette Spicer on

    This add on is a thing of beauty when I need to go into ISU Extension’s CMS to add copy, edit or approve. I have forgotten and tried to edit or approve news releases while in Firefox. Either my actions are totally ignored or as in the case recently, I totally lost a news release I was approving for another editor. Jeanne had to come to my rescue to find the thing. NOW with this add on, I think I can remember to right click and I’ll be in IE. Thank you Brian.

  2. bwebster on

    Lynette, I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to admit that we have web pages that require IE. That’s the main down side of the Microsoft CMS system we’re currently using. Looks like MOSS will take care of that problem.


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