Book Review – CSS Mastery

CSS Mastery (Advanced Web Standards Solutions)” by Andy Budd, Cameron Moll, and Simon Collison, is a good resource for how to use web standards and CSS in designing and laying out web sites. Although it’s by different authors, it is a good followup to the book “Web Standards Solutions“.

This book takes a task, and explains in detail how you might handle it. For example, chapter 5 is on creating navigation bars and chapter 7 is about site layout using CSS. We use many of these techniques in most of the web sites we develop.

Other useful chapters are on troubleshooting problems with your CSS, and hacks to deal with browser incompatibilities. We have Microsoft to thank for many of these hacks. IE 7 is much improved over previous versions. It is still good to be aware of these techniques.

Here is a link to the publisher’s web page for the book.
Advanced Web Standards Solutions Cover Image

The two Web Standards Solutions books give a good starting point for people that want to learn more about CSS. In addition, there are thousands of web sites that offer help with CSS. I also recommend having an expert you can ask questions, thanks again Matt.

Recently, I was asked if I know of any training on using CSS, so I’m looking for recommendations. If you know of any professional development opportunities on learning CSS, either online or traditional, please post a comment.

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