Reusing Code in ASP.NET

The last few evenings, I watched broadcasts from DotNetRocks and dnrTV. I started with three episodes featuring Miguel Castro where he talks about building web controls. In them, he builds a fully functioning e-mail feedback control that can be reused in multiple projects.

Wow, I wish I would have known this stuff when we started building sites in .NET a few years ago. I’ve always wanted to go in this directions, just have not had a clear picture of it, therefore could not express it in a way our developers understood. These broadcasts help me take a giant step forward.

For a long time, I’ve kept an item on our project list for ISUE Framework. This framework would be a library of reusable controls to share between all the projects we develop. It will take a while to build, and will likely be built by writing code for a given project, then deciding that with some tweaks, it can be customized to add customization for use in other projects.

This week, there has been talk that a few states are planning on working with SharePoint and/or MOSS, and we are looking at ways we might share resources. There are many possibilities for how we can work together. At the very least, I hope that we will share controls what we develop in-house so we all can benefit from them.

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