Consuming Feeds Presentation Outline

Tomorrow, I will give a presentation titled “Consuming Feeds” at the Extension Technology Showcase. John Dorner asked if I would share the presentation. The only PowerPoint I have is some screen shots that I’ll use if the Internet connection doesn’t work. Rather than sharing that (not too exciting), I’ll publish the outline I’ll be using.
Introduction (5 minutes)

  1. Visual Aid
  2. What is a feed?
  3. Show “Trends” from Google Reader
  4. Not just for technologist, Lynette and eXtension News

Demonstration Google Reader (15 minutes)

  1. How to get an account
  2. Navigating the Subscription List
  3. Expanded vs List View
  4. Add Star, Share, Email
  5. Starred items

Other Readers (5 minutes)

  1. FeedReader3
  2. BlogLines
  3. Outlook

What to look for on the page (5 minutes)

  1. Firefox
  2. Internet Explorer
  3. Icons on the page

How to Subscribe (5 minutes)

Show Example Feeds (5 minutes)

Questions (5 minutes)

I hope the opening visual aid works. I have 15 brown paper lunch bags. Most have a few pieces of candy, a couple don’t have any. Many of the bags also have some packing peanuts. People will be encouraged to pick up some candy as they enter the room.

The presentation will start by explaining that the paper bags represent web pages, the candy represents content, and the packing peanuts is the “fluff” (ads, navigation, etc.) It’s a pain getting things from individual sites, and you probably stop once you find something that is acceptable. While talking about this, I’ll dump all the bags into a basket and sort out most the peanuts, and explain that this is what a reader does. ie It puts all your content into a single location, and makes it much easier to see what’s available to you. It also removes most of the fluff, you just see the content.


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  1. Becky on

    Very nice intro activity, excellent way to engage the participants and get their attention! Good visual memory aid, which always helps with adult learners… I’ll be interested to hear more about how it went, and see if the use of readers increases!

  2. Anne Adrian on

    I too would like to know how your activity goes. Possibly make make a quick learning YouTube video, too.

    Have fun at your meeting! Can I come?…I want the candy.

  3. bwebster on

    Becky and Anne,

    Thanks for the encouragement. I will let you know how it goes. Hadn’t thought of YouTube video, depends on whether people “get it”. Would be hard to beat RSS in Plain English. Thought about just showing that, then saying “any questions”.

    Sure, you can come to the showcase tomorrow.


  4. John Dorner on

    Cool idea to use for getting the point across! Keep up the great work!

    Thanks for sharing,

  5. Lynette Spicer on

    I am catching up on my feeds coming in. Should I be pleased my name came up in the outline? At least you didn’t use a word such as ‘dummy’ but you could have.

    Your activity is very entertaining, enticing. Did the session go well? Sorry I couldn’t make the showcase day.

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