Consuming Feeds Presentation – Followup

Last week I posted the outline for the presentation I gave at the Extension Technology Showcase, see Consuming Feeds Presentation Outline The presentation went well, although not very well attended. It doesn’t help when you’re up against a presentation on reducing stress, and another about gadgets.

In the outline, I described the opening demonstration, which would be a non-technical way to show what a feed reader can do for you. The concept was great, however I’ll change a couple things next time. First, I included too many packing peanuts along with the candy and some of the candy was too light. It was hard to quickly clean out the “fluff”, leaving just the good content. Hersey’s miniatures seemed to work better than some of the other things.

More importantly, I put the candy into lunch sized brown paper bags. These were too hard to handle. The demonstration would have been much better had I used large plastic cups as the containers to represent web sites. I could have dumped together a lot easier, and they wouldn’t have been as messy.

I think feed readers is an important subject for Extension staff, and I hope to be able present this information again. If so, I need a title that will attract more participants. People probably don’t know what “Consuming Feeds” means. Maybe “Browse more Web Sites in Less Time”. Please offer other suggestions.


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  1. Lynette Spicer on

    I’d stay with the eating, food thoughts for the new title of your presentation. I like how you stayed with the feeds, candy and thus eating theme. How to Get to the Candy. Fast Food News. It’s not always news, is it? I like the word “sweeteners” or maybe just “sweeten” but can’t think of a way to include it just now. Sorting through the Junk Food. Maybe these are just some brainstorm ideas for some of the creative types who read your blog or in your department. Good luck on this.

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