Finding Feeds in Google Reader

During my presentation on “Consuming Feeds” last week, someone asked me how they would find relevant blogs to their subject matter. My answer was along the lines of, search for it using Google, get recommendations from coworkers on what they read, and watch for blog-rolls on the blogs you find interesting.

My answer this week would be much different. That’s because I just learned about the search feature that’s built into the “Add Subscription” function in Google Reader. It will show you feeds related to what you enter into the “Add Subscription” field, along with an indication of how many people are subscribed to that feed using Google’s tools. I learned about this from the Google Operating System Blog.

For example, I’m currently interested in SharePoint, so I entered the work “SharePoint” into the “Add Subscription” file. Google Reader than found 30 feeds, related to SharePoint.

This is a great feature in Google Reader. The only problem is that I already have too many subscriptions, and now it’s so easy to find more.


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  1. John Dorner on

    THANKS for getting me to look at this feature! I’d seen it, but just never used it before.


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