Writing Atom Feeds in .NET Using Argotic

This week, one of my projects entailed generating some Atom feeds from web pages produced in our Content Management System. Because our CMS doesn’t generate feeds automatically, I used a package called Argotic Syndication Framework, by Brian Kuhn, to help build the feeds in a .NET program.

Argotic is a very well designed and implemented framework that reads and writes both Atom and RSS feeds. It also handles popular extensions to feeds, such as the iTunes extensions. Very nice having a single framework that handles both major feed formats!

I discovered a minor problem when I tried to validate the feeds using the Feed Validator. Although I didn’t see anything in the Atom Specifications about it, the validation failed because the <entry> items were not the last thing in the feed. I downloaded the source code for Argotic, to change the output order, which was pretty easy to accomplish.

I also posted a bug report at the Argotic Syndication Framework web site at about 10:30 pm Monday. By 9:00 AM Tuesday, there were 2 responses from Brian, one of which said it was fixed for the next release. Wow, great service Brian! Especially for a product that is freely available.

I definitely recommending using Argotic to work with feeds in .NET.


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  1. Floyd Davenport on


    Nice post. So I hope this may help with our iTunes, Atoms and possibly Zune feeds? 🙂

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