About:Blank As Your HomePage

Today, I read an interesting blog post titled “Make about:blank Your Homepage.” For the most part, I agree with what this article says, about:blank does make a good default homepage, especially in Internet Explorer. However, for about the last year, I’ve approached this a little differently in Firefox.

I use Firefox as my primary web browser. Currently I have Google set up as the homepage, but I don’t see this homepage unless I click on the Home button in the toolbar. Firefox has another option that allows you to have a homepage set up, and also a blank startup page when you open the browser.

To set this up:

  1. Select Tools–>Options…
  2. Make sure you’re on the Main tab
  3. Set your homepage to whatever you want
  4. In the dropdown list titled “When Firefox starts:”, select Open a blank page

That’s it. Now, when you open Firefox, it won’t waste time opening a homepage. You can proceed to whatever web site you want. You can click on the home button to go to the page you’ve configured as your home page.

I find this works extremely well for me, because I rarely go to the same page each time I open my browser.

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