Mission Style Mirror and Table

The last few weekends, I’ve been able to spend quite a bit of time in the woodworking shop. This is a great get away for me.

On Saturday, I completed a mission style table for my living room. It is located by my front door, where I kick off my shoes. This area always looked messy, so I decided to try to fix that. Here is the result.

Picture of mission style hall table

The inspiration for this table came from a table featured in WoodSmith magazine. I made some very major changes to those plans to make it better fit my needs.

A consideration in sizing this table was that it had to compliment this mirror, which I built last winter. It hangs behind the front door, and provides a place to hang coats.

Picture of Mission Style Wall Mirror

The plans for this mirror came from an earlier issue of Woodsmith Magazine.

Now, I’m looking at the stand my TV is sitting on, and am thinking I see another upcoming project 🙂


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  1. Lynette Spicer on

    That table is way too gorgeous and the finish too nice for your shoes and boots or just put them under the table. You could use the table for something else and think about a new piece for your shoes and boots, maybe a bench to conceal the shoes and boots that are out of season? (another project)

    Beautiful work, Brian.

  2. Jonathan Davis on

    Wow, Brian, those are both beautiful! Looks like you could have a second career in furniture-building. Do you accept orders for shipping? 🙂

  3. bwebster on

    Lynette and Jonathan,

    Thanks for the comments. I’ve had a number of people ask about putting shoes on it, but that’s what it built for. I may reconsider however.

    Not taking orders yet. Maybe someday.


  4. Randy on


    I love the table and the mirror, mission style is one of my favorite styles of furniture. You did a great job. Love to see more as you build it.


  5. Floyd Davenport on

    Brian, very nice.

  6. Duane on


    Nice job on the table and mirror.. I am a great fan on woodworking myself.

  7. John Dorner on

    GREAT JOB!!! Beautiful!
    I wondered what you were doing during the long winter… now I know.

  8. Nancy Moore on

    Which issue of Woodsmith was this featured in? It’s exactly what I’m looking for, and my husband is struggling trying to draw up plans from scratch. You did a great job by the way!

    • Brian Webster on

      Thanks Nancy!

      The table is loosely based on the Craftsman End Table on the cover of Woodsmith Issue #127. The legs and top were built like they are in the magazine. I adjusted the size a little bit to fit the space, and of course the front is a wide side rather than the narrow side.

      The mirror is from the cover of Woodsmith Issue #26.

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